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Chocolate Cigars

Chocolate Cigars with a custom message used as a cigar brand were used as the "announcement" of a Canadian television series premier.

Chocolate Airplanes

Chocolate Airplanes were packaged and labeled "Sky's the Limit" for an annual sales meeting.

Miniature Human Brains

Miniature Human Brains were packaged and labeled for Bayer at last year's National Stroke Conference and trade show.

Chocolate Hammer, Wrench, and Hard Hat

Chocolate Hammer, Wrench, and Hard Hat were foil wrapped, packaged together in a cello bag, and labeled with a custom logo and message " Let's work on team building" and ordered by the Human Resources Department of a computer assembly company.

Chocolate Shells, Palm Trees, Pineapples & Sandals

Chocolate Sea Shells, Palm Trees, Pineapples and Sandals were packaged together in a favor bag and used as a room turn down gift for business guests at a conference in Honolulu.

Chocolate Pigs

Chocolate Pigs were foil wrapped in orange foil and used as handouts at a Swine Conference trade show hosted by the University of Minnesota School of Agriculture.

Chocolate Opera Masks on a Stick

Chocolate Opera Masks on a stick were wrapped in purple foil decorated with feathers and sequins and given to guests at the NBA All Star Game Luncheon when it was held in New Orleans.

Chocolate Ears on a Stick

Chocolate Ears on a stick labeled with their logo and website were used by an audiologist as appreciation gifts for patients and referrals.

Candy Bars with Customized Wrappers

Candy Bars with Customized Wrappers featuring gift codes underneath the wrapper were used as a "Willie Wonka" theme promotion for a grocery store chain.

Chocolate Human Legs

Chocolate Human Legs were packaged and labeled for "Restless Leg Syndrome" and used by sales reps for a pharmaceutical company to promote a new prescription drug.

Pretzel Rods Dipped in White Chocolate
Pretzel Rods Dipped in White Chocolate and drizzled in dark were packaged to appear as birch trees and labeled "Minnesota Birch Logos" were used by 3M as room gifts for a conference in Minnesota.